Your wedding day is completely about you both, your unique love story, your beliefs, your promises and your wishes for the design of your ceremony.

Together we can create a ceremony that epitomizes you both. We can add as many or as few traditional elements as your hearts desire. We can even create our own rituals! There are no rules.

Our imaginations can go wild. There are so many unlimited variations and inclusions that we can discuss together over a beverage or two.

Please have a peek below at the lovely bits and pieces included in my service:

  • Concise preparation and lodging of all legal paperwork to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Unlimited support including hugs, laughs, emails, calls, texts, skype sessions and a scheduled rehearsal if you would like one
  • Use of my trusty PA System with all the bells and whistles.
  • Whipping up of your chosen song selection for your ceremony!  DJ Lizzy is in the house and I would be elated to pop some Rick Astley tunes in there for you!
  • Close liaising with your fabulous chosen wedding professionals in the lead up on your day to ensure that all the magic is perfectly captured
  • My impeccable presentation (No “Golden Girls” Attire on my watch)
  • Delivery of a divine, authentic and wonderfully personal ceremony treated with the love and respect that you both deserve
  • Your story will be narrated in way that it will be well and truly etched in yours, your guests and my heart forever and a day


A beautiful way to reaffirm your love for one another, Let’s renew away.

Commitment ceremonies are super special to me and I just love officiating them.

Couples often chose to perform this ceremony to mark a special occasion for example an anniversary or birthday. Together we can create a joyous ceremony that reaffirms your vows and promises that you pledged on your wedding day.
Renewal of vows like wedding ceremonies can be formal or informal, brief or elaborate, serious or light hearted.

Your ceremony can take place wherever you like for example your favourite restaurant or venue. Whatever your heart desires we can create together.

I will happily present you both with a Certificate to mark this special occasion.



I would like to acknowledge that I believe any strong, loving and healthy relationship deserves to be recognized and celebrated.
It is not so much whom you love, but rather how you nurture and treasure that love which is important.  I really look forward to the day when all couples have the opportunity and choice to marry in Australia.

Commitment ceremonies are non religious celebrations of commitment for couples who wish to make a public declaration of their love for one another in the presence of their family and friends.

The ritual of a commitment ceremony fulfills both the deeply private need to feel more closely bonded with your beloved and also satisfy the desire to share your joy with family and friends declaring your love for one another in a public forum and receiving the embrace and support of your loved ones.

I will happily present you both with a Certificate to mark this special occasion.

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